root/projects/Iteration X
The Iteration X project tree, started in 2010 (10 = X, duh!), contains the following projects.
Please note that some of my projects work under the assumption of a properly configured windows terminal (cmd.exe). To properly configure your windows terminal, do this:
  1. start a command prompt
  2. rightclick on its title bar and click on "defaults..."
  3. Set options/buffer size and number of buffers to 999
  4. Set layout/screen buffer size height to 9999
... that way, you can scroll up when lengthy error messages or logs are displayed by an application. If you additionally enable the options/QuickEdit and Insert Modes, you can select text in your terminal windows with the mouse, copy it out of there with the return key, and insert it with a rightclick, which is all quite helpful.

Standard Engine Controls (for 3D projects)
Reload Semantics (for projects that use them)
A file is loaded or reloaded when it is dropped onto the application window, when it is specified through the command line on startup, or when it is changed.

Error codes for my command-line programs
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